Specialized Cleaning Services



Specialized Cleaning Services: Façade, Glass Items and Antiques Cleaning Services


Apart from providing generalized industrial and room cleaning services, OCS also provides cleaning services for sensitive items such as glass, previous metal and antiques that require great care and specialized trainings to handle.


Façade Cleaning

Façade cleaning is an extremely delicate task and requires utmost care and effort to be done properly and without any damage. Also, façades are the front exterior of any industrial complex, therefore they should look extremely clean and tidy all the time. Facades are like first impression on the customers and clients and first impression should be very good, clean and tidy. Therefore, our company, like other several services also provides façade cleaning services at an extremely reasonable price.



Glass Cleaning


Glass is another such item that requires great handling and care. It is a very sensitive material and needs to be handled delicately. Glass cleaning entails delicacy and skill and we at OCS can confidently say that we have got both. Our team of experts first analyzes the nature and characteristics of glass and then performs cleaning activities according to the prescribed glass cleaning manual. All at best prices compared to contemporary cleaning services.


Antiques & Historic Preservation Cleaning


Antiques are considered an asset of a culture. They depict traditions and customs of a society. Similarly historic preservations denote significant personalities and events of the past. Historic preservations and antiques are often fragile and brittle due to years of preservation. They require great care while cleaning. We have highly skilled professionals who first analyze the condition of preservation, and then apply standard cleaning procedures so that the preservation might not get damaged.


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