Why use our services?



OCS Cleaning Services

OCS aims at providing services with utmost level of expertise to gain trust from their customers.We provide cleaning services for small, medium and large scale industries. Manufacturing industries usually produce large amount of waste and dirt during manufacturing processes. This waste and dirt needs to be taken care of. We, at OCS provide high quality cleaning services for industries at very nominal rates. We use hygienic and environment friendly cleaning agents that avoid any health hazard as well as environmental pollution.



If you are looking for a company that is equipped with latest machines, efficient personnel, professional policy, effective time management and offers the best price, than OCS is the right choice for you!


Why use our services?

Now, with OCS cleaning services, you don’t need to worry about your laborious industry cleaning tasks, you can work with freedom and leave cleaning services to us. And the best thing, you will get highest quality cleaning services for a very affordable price. Here are some more reasons why you should hire us!



  • Affordable& Transparent Prices


We offer best possible prices for cleaning services as compared to contemporary companies. Our price structure has been designed keeping in view low income individuals. A good thing about our company is that if you hire bulk cleaning services for weekly or monthly basis you are going to get further discounts. Also our costs are transparent with no hidden charges. You only pay for what you get.


  • Highly Skilled Cleaning  Professionals


We have highly skilled, trained and experienced cleaning professionals who know how to make your apartment as clean as the daylight. We have multi-languages speaking individuals with whom you can interact more conveniently and convey your instructions.



  • Compensation and Damage Insurance


During cleaning if any of your items gets damage, company compensates you in the form of either cash payments or will buy you similar item.



  • We Provide complete Cleaning Equipment

Each and everything needed for cleaning work is provided by the company. You will not have to spend money on purchasing cleanin

equipment in addition to service costs.


  • Centralized Cleaning Services

You can have all the different types of cleaning services from us under one roof. We provide, carpet cleaning, general household cleaning, machine cleaning and variety of other cleaning services, all at one place.


  • Detailed Cleaning Reports

At the end of every cleaning task, you will be delivered detailed cleaning report about the items or area cleaned, time taken for cleansing and any damage, loss etc.


  • Longer Machine Life

Our cleaners keep your machines clean and in good condition which will reduce the risk of machine crash or failure hence you will have longer machine life.


  • Improved Productivity

Clean workplace helps increase productivity of the work as compared to messy place.


  • Enforcement of International Standards


We follow all the international cleansing standards, accident prevention regulations, environment protection regulations and expert cleansing guidelines, which makes cleaning a smooth and efficient process.


  • No staff training costs


Cleaning industrial machines and waste require certain training. By utilizing our services you will save such training costs.


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